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Configuring IPSec on Linux & OpenBSD  29 November 2004 
Source: "Configuring IPSec on Linux & OpenBSD" - Posted by Administrator   
This HOWTO discusses how to configure IPSec for Linux and connecting to it using the PGPNet VPN client.
FreeBSD IPSec HOWTO  29 November 2004 
Source: "FreeBSD IPSec HOWTO" - Posted by Administrator   
This document is intended to be a primer on how to get IPsec on FreeBSD up and running, interoperating both with another FreeBSD (or NetBSD or any other KAME-derived stack) machine, and a Windows 2000 machine.
Passive Aggressive  29 November 2004 
Source: "Passive Aggressive" - Posted by Administrator   
Black hats use 'passive fingerprinting' to identify your operating system without you knowing it. But the technique is useful for white hats too. This article discusses those techniques used by Blakc/White hats and how you can prevent them.
Avoiding Buffer Overflows  29 November 2004 
Source: "Avoiding Buffer Overflows" - Posted by Administrator   
This article discusses techniques one can use to prevent software Buffer Overflows.
Play with the Lovely Netcat: Reinvent /usr/bin/yes  29 November 2004 
Source: "Play with the Lovely Netcat: Reinvent /usr/bin/yes" - Posted by Administrator   
The first but secondary purpose of this article is to introduce you this nifty networking tool: /usr/bin/netcat which is well available from the Debian GNU/Linux under the package name netcat. (The drill: apt-get install netcat and you're done.) Ther
How to break out of a chroot() jail  29 November 2004 
Source: "How to break out of a chroot() jail" - Posted by Administrator   
This page details how the chroot() system call can be used to provide an additional layer of security when running untrusted programs. It also details how this additional layer of security can be circumvented.
Detecting Loadable Kernel Modules  29 November 2004 
Source: "Detecting Loadable Kernel Modules" - Posted by Administrator   
The purpose of this paper is cover LKM basics, detecting "trojaned" LKM's and figuring out which LKM is installed on your machine.
Psudo root!  29 November 2004 
Source: "Psudo root!" - Posted by Administrator   
This documentation discusses the features and security concerns of Sudo (superuser do). Sudo allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run some (or all) commands as root or another user while logging the
Steps for Recovering from a UNIX or NT System Compromise  29 November 2004 
Source: "Steps for Recovering from a UNIX or NT System Compromise" - Posted by Administrator   
This doc describes suggested steps for responding to a UNIX or NT system compromise.
Securely Erasing a Hard Drive with Perl  29 November 2004 
Source: "Securely Erasing a Hard Drive with Perl" - Posted by Administrator   
The goal of this Perl script is to [thoroughly] just delete the contents of a hard drive.
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