With the growing popularity of Docker containerization, security must be a top priority as admins and organizations embrace Docker containers as the way of the future.

In our complete guide on Docker vulnerability management and testing, we explain why taking a defense-in-depth approach to Docker container security is crucial in protecting against vulnerabilities and reaping the benefits of Docker containers without the security risks.

Our favorite open-source vulnerability assessment tools and our top secure Linux distros for enhanced security and privacy in 2024 are also topics we explore this week.

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Docker Container Security Vulnerability Management & Testing

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In the dynamic landscape of contemporary software development, Docker containerization has emerged as a cornerstone, facilitating the efficient deployment and scaling of applications. However, fortifying security measures becomes paramount as organizations increasingly embrace Docker containers. This necessitates a comprehensive approach to Docker Container Security Vulnerability Management and Testing, incorporating industry best practices. Below is a complete guide on Docker vulnerability management and testing.

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Open Source Vulnerability Assessment Tools & Scanners

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Computer systems, software, applications, and other interfaces are vulnerable to network security threats. Failure to find these cybersecurity vulnerabilities can lead to the downfall of a company. Therefore, businesses must utilize vulnerability scanners regularly within their systems and servers to identify existing loopholes and weaknesses that can be resolved through security patching. Assessment results help developers and network administrators understand any potential network security issues so they can implement the necessary defensive measures against them. We discuss what vulnerability scanners are and introduce our top free, adaptable, open-source vulnerability assessment tools.

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Best Secure Linux Distros for Enhanced Privacy & Security

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As we transition to an increasingly digital society, privacy and security have become areas of critical concern. Not a day goes by that I'm not bombarded with security news headlines about hacks, breaches, and the practice of storing and monitoring sensitive personal information, often without users’ consent. I imagine you've noticed the same worrisome trend. Luckily for us Linux users, the general consensus among experts is that Linux is a highly secure OS - arguably the most secure OS. While all Linux distros are secure by design, certain distros go above and beyond when protecting users’ privacy and security.  Today, we share a list of our favorite specialized secure Linux distros heading into 2024 and speak with some of their lead developers to find out what makes them great. 

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