A Hacker Looks at 40.
Source: Shack Foo - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Security Projects Wow. Itís finally happened Ė the fabled 40th birthday that everyone loathes. Itís upon me. At 40, I think youíre supposed to reflect back on what youíve done, what youíve accomplished, whatís been good and bad, and where the hell youíre going in life. Right? OK, this will depend largely on the individual, but 40 feels like a pretty damn good spot to reflect. Why not? Some of you will say ď40? WTF? Thatís nothing.Ē And you know what? Youíre right. 40 IS nothing. Itís been the most amazing ride so far, and things are only getting more interesting. SoÖa few observations on infosec, life, and the big picture. Warning: opinions ahead, and I get it if this is content easily skipped.

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