5 easy ways to make a hackerís life harder
Source: MarketWatch - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hacks/Cracks Itís really this simple: Once your data is online, itís ripe for the taking. That reality became painfully clear to more than 40 million Target Corp. customers, whose credit card numbers got hijacked over the Christmas holidays. In an attempt to salvage the department-store chainís reputation, the board yesterday removed CEO Gregg Steinhafel. Donít be fooled, though. That was only a PR maneuver and, having come five months late, a bad one too. What happened to Targetís customers occurs every day across the world. A particularly disturbing breach is the recently discovered Heartbleed bug. It enables a hacker to eavesdrop on your secure communications ó be it email, web or instant messaging ó and collect your posted data without leaving a trace. That includes passwords, keys, codes, credit card numbers ó you name it.

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