The Linux security spell is broken
Source: InfoWorld - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hacks/Cracks I've been dipping into the coming-technology-overlord-no-more-freedom-apocalypse well quite a bit in recent weeks, so for a change, we'll leave that robot rabbit alone today. Instead, let's turn our attention to the mythical unicorn known as the totally secure Linux server. Recently, security researchers at Irish think tank ESET uncovered what they're calling Operation Windigo, a Linux-capable backdoor Trojan that may have infected up to 25,000 Unix servers worldwide. Those, in turn, have been attacking up to 500,000 PCs -- like yours and mine -- on a daily basis since then. When discussing this with a reader via email, the quote came up: "You know it's bad when even Linux machines need to worry about security." I coughed up fine, aged scotch on that one -- I figured that readers of this column would know better. Speaking of, here it comes again ...

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