Out in the Open: Hacker Vows to Instantly Analyze Your Big Data
Source: Wired - Posted by Alex   
Server Security These days, Hadoop is everywhere. It began as an esoteric data-crunching platform used by vanguard web companies like Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, and now, less than a decade later, its a sensation that spans industries. IBM uses Hadoop inside Watson, its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer. The NSA uses Hadoop to juggle the massive amounts of surveillance data it collects with each passing second. And this open source success story is even finding its way into businesses that play in more traditional markets like finance and insurance.

But Stewart Allen, the former CTO of social media company AddThis thinks its all a bit much. I refer to whats going on as the Lost Decade of Hadoop, he says. So many people are wasting time building software that Hadoop was never meant for.

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