Gaming Console Hacks
Source: Kaspersky - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hacks/Cracks A couple times a year, maybe, you’ll read about an attack targeting or a vulnerability in some specific game or gaming platform. More often than not the attacks are one-offs, generally exploiting a game’s online platform, forum, or database of some kind. The forever-popular first person PC shooter, CounterStrike, is a great example of this: there always seem to be CounterStrike hacks out there.

To be clear, PC and other computer gamers, particularly those playing massively multiplayer online role-playing and other popular games (like Minecraft), are already exposed to significant threats targeting their machines. Attacks targeting the XBOX or PlayStation or Nintendo consoles, however, seem to be incredibly rare. Nintendo’s and Sony’s portable DS and PSP offerings were targeted by trojans some six years ago, and experts have prophesied the dawn of gaming malware for just as many years. The reality though, by nearly any measure, is that yearly gaming malware predictions have yet to materialize.

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