An NSA-Proof Twitter, Built With Code From Bitcoin and BitTorrent
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Privacy When mass political protests erupted throughout Brazil in June, Miguel Freitas did what countless others did: He followed the news on Twitter. Tweets revealed information he couldn’t get anywhere else, including the mainstream media. “Brazilian media is highly concentrated,” says Freitas, an engineer based in Rio de Janeiro. “I have been able to read news that a lot of friends never heard about.” He believes that Twitter plays a major role in promoting democracy and organizing protests in places like Brazil and the Middle East — and that’s why he was so concerned when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked details about the U.S. government’s massive surveillance of internet traffic and social networks. Almost immediately, Freitas started building a more secure and robust alternative to Twitter, making use of code from two other massively successful online projects: bitcoin and BitTorrent.

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