Hacker with a Cause
Source: New Yorker - Posted by Alex   
Hacks/Cracks In 2004, a few years before the rise of Anonymous, the notorious online collective of hackers and activists, a seventeen-year-old named Jeremy Hammond gave a talk on “electronic civil disobedience” at the annual Def Con hacking conference. “We believe that hacking is a tool. It is a means to an end,” he said, shaking his head of bleached-blond hair as he spoke. He rejected those who hack for personal gain or to improve corporate security. He advocated hacktivism, which he defined as “a practical application of network insecurity skills … as a means of fighting for social justice by putting direct pressure on politicians and institutions.”

This past Friday morning, Hammond, now twenty-eight, stood before a federal judge wearing a smirk and a black prison jumpsuit. He was about be sentenced for a string of computer crimes, making him the latest hacktivist to be punished for disrupting computer systems.

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