Hacker Gets $12,500 For Finding A Way To Delete Anyone's Facebook Photos
Source: Fast Company - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Latest News Security researcher Arul Kumar has earned $12,500 after reporting a dramatic Facebook bug that allowed anyone with the right know-how to delete any image stored within the social network, no matter who owned the image in the first place. The bug worked through Facebook's Support Dashboard, the system that let interested parties send official requests to take down photos. During the original setup of this system, two critical numbers, the Photo_id number and the user's profile ID number, could be exploited by a hacker to intercept the take-down procedure without the photo owner's knowledge. The same exploit could be used to pull photos from pages and groups as well as directly from a user's profile. While the bug seems innocuous, particularly for individual users, there's still a malicious element that could have damaged the archives of users who exploit Facebook as a kind of photo storage mechanism (and thus a bigger potential to damage Facebook's reputation with users) and also to hurt the efforts of brands that use Facebook for outreach.

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