Homeland Security urged ISPs to block IP addresses
Source: The Verge - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Intrusion Detection The US Department of Homeland Security and FBI provided a list of IP addresses used by alleged Chinese military hackers to American internet service providers (ISPs) earlier in February, and not-so-subtly encouraged the ISPs to block them, The Wall Street Journal reported today. Based on The Journal's report, the IP addresses that were on the list handed to ISPs were ones linked to the "Comment Crew," an alleged Chinese military hacking outfit that was described in a widely-publicized February report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant. As it turns out, Mandiant actually alerted the US government to its findings a week before it went public with them on February 18th. According to The Journal, the DHS and the FBI then released a memo listing the Comment Crew's suspected IP addresses. DHS officials then sent a follow-up email to ISPs telling them to "institute actions" based on the memo.

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