Here’s How Hackers Could Have Blacked Out the Superdome Last Night
Source: Gawker - Posted by Pooja Shah   
Hacks/Cracks Beyonce and voodoo have been ruled out as potential culprits in the bizarre 33-minute blackout during last night's Super Bowl. But what about hackers? It took just a few minutes after the lights went out in the Superdome for hackers to begin hinting they had something to do with it. "#TangoDown Superbowl XLVII," tweeted the most popular Twitter account of the hacktivist collective Anonymous. It's an outlandish claim and almost certainly a troll. But it's possible, and here's how it might have happened. To be clear, there's no reason to suspect hackers are to blame for the blackout according to Entergy, the power company that supplies electricity to the Superdome. "We haven't seen anything at this time to suggest that this is a cyberattack," Entergy spokesman Michael J. Burns told me this afternoon.

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