Hacker found guilty of AT&T data breach
Source: TG Daily - Posted by Alex   
Government A hacker has been convicted of the AT&T security breach in 2010 in which 120,000 iPad owners' email addresses were leaked. Andrew 'Weev' Auernheimer, 26, has been found guilty in the District Court in New Jersey of conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and fraud in connection with personal information. He'll be sentenced in February, and faces up to five years in prison on each count. Daniel Spitler, 26, was convicted of the same offenses in June 2011.

Auernheimer says he plans to appeal, on the grounds that he didn't bypass any security on the AT&T site in order to capture the data.

Instead, the pair carried out their attack using an 'account slurper', which blasted AT&T servers with random sets of login info, harvesting successful combinations.

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