Linux: It's Where the Jobs Are
Source: HP Security - Posted by Pooja Shah   
Security Projects Demand for Linux talent is on the rise, but finding those professionals is difficult. Eight in 10 (81%) survey respondents say that hiring Linux talent is a priority in 2012. This pressing matter is particularly evident when Linux demand is compared to hiring in other skill sets: 63 percent of hiring managers are increasing Linux hires relative to jobs created in other skill areas. The issue? A full 85 percent say finding Linux talent is somewhat to very difficult, making Linux professionals some of the most sought talent in 2012.

Companies are making significant investments to attract and retain Linux talent. Linux professionals garner more full-time positions and better salaries, bonuses and perks. While the pay increase for tech professionals averaged just two percent in 2011, Linux professionals have seen a five percent increase in salaries year-over-year and a 15 percent jump in bonus payouts. Flexible work schedules (37%), additional training and certification programs (30%), and salary increases above the company norm (28%) are among the perks Linux gurus can expect.

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