Hacking Toilets the World Over
Source: Huffington Post - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Hacks/Cracks I am a committed toilet hacker. Yes, I am fiercely committed to making better, smarter and more accessible toilets. In fact, I want armies of purpose driven people pursuing this same mission. The reason that I am so passionate about this is that it is unacceptable that 2.6 billion people have zero access to a basic toilet. Think about that number for a moment. In India, there are 3 cell phones for every toilet. Yes, you can call someone halfway around the world, but getting access to the most powerful health tool around is out of reach. Your options are the field, the street and worst of all the source of your drinkable water, the nearby river or lake. I am committed to taking on this challenge.

The question is, how do you tackle a 2.6 billion person problem? The magnitude of that number is mind numbing, the subject is shrouded in taboo and the number of people who are even aware of the issue are few. Everyone is focused on the sexy sister of sanitation, water. Yet, I am committed to the underserved, under-invested and under-innovated sister, the toilet and access to basic hygiene. The answer on how to tackle this is to create a perpetual hack-attack.

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