What's real and what's not in web security
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Network Security This is the third in a series of interviews with C-level executives responsible for cyber security and privacy in business and government, who also happen to be thought leaders. (Remember, as I mentioned previously, "C-level executive" and "thought leader" are not synonyms.) In this issue, I discuss a range of issues related to the hard work of web security with Jeremiah Grossman, founder and Chief Technology Officer of WhiteHat Security. He is responsible for web application research and development, and is a high-profile industry evangelist, taking his message far and wide from the familiar haunts of BlackHat Briefings and other cyber security venues even unto the rarified air of TEDxMaui. A founding member of the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC), Grossman is a leading voice in web application security. Before launching WhiteHat, Grossman worked as an information security officer at Yahoo!

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