Linux Security Week: July 2nd, 2012
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Linux Security Week Thank you for reading the weekly security newsletter. The purpose of this document is to provide our readers with a quick summary of each week's most relevant Linux security headlines. Feature Extras:

Password guessing with Medusa 2.0 - Medusa was created by the fine folks at, in fact the much awaited Medusa 2.0 update was released in February of 2010. For a complete change log please visit

Password guessing as an attack vector - Using password guessing as an attack vector. Over the years we've been taught a strong password must be long and complex to be considered secure. Some of us have taken that notion to heart and always ensure our passwords are strong. But some don't give a second thought to the complexity or length of our password.

  Microsoft dangles $250k prize for hackers doing security research (Jun 25)

Microsoft has found a new way to deal with the increasingly complex issue of computer security: get hackers working for them.

  Two Members Of Hacker Group LulzSec Plead Guilty To Cyber Attacks (Jun 25)

Two British men accused of taking part in high-profile cyber attacks by hacking group LulzSec in 2011, have pleaded guilty to charges that include conspiring to attack Sony Pictures, FBI affiliate Atlanta Infragard and IT security company HBGary Federal.

  Canonical will use Intel's efilinux in Ubuntu for UEFI secure boot (Jun 27)

LINUX VENDOR Canonical will drop Grub 2 in favour of Intel's efilinux as its bootloader in order to comply with Microsoft's UEFI Secure Boot.

  Operation High Roller: online banking fraud on a grand scale (Jun 27)

McAfee has collaborated with security firm Guardian Analytics to uncover a ring of online banking criminals who specifically targeted corporate accounts with high balances. According to the two companies' white paper, the fraudsters have attempted to steal at least 60 million, more than L35 million of which was from the Netherlands banking system alone; L1 million involved German banking customers. The report doesn't provide any details on the actual financial damage caused.

  LulzSec Members Confess To DDoS Attacks (Jun 27)

Four alleged members of the LulzSec hacktivist group had their day in British court Monday. Two of the people charged--Ryan Cleary, 20, and Jake Leslie Davis, 19--appeared at Southwark Crown Court in England to enter guilty pleas against some of the charges against them, including hacking the public-facing websites of the CIA and Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA).

  How To Hire A Hacker (Jul 2)

They're the bane of the IT security professional's existence when they're on the wrong side of the law, but the truth is, hackers often understand the nuances of network security better than your average CSO. So is it safe to bring a hacker into your IT team?

  Hacker claims to have breached & backdoored antivirus software firm Trend Micro (Jul 2)

A hacker claims to have breached and backdoored security and antivirus software firm Trend Micro due to 'pseudo-security' as well as SYKES which runs support services for Trend Micro. According to Pastebin and a dump for 'proof' of the breach, the hacker claims to still be in control of a backdoor into the security firm.

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