For Diablo 3 Hacking, the Buck Stops Where?
Source: Forbes - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hacks/Cracks You never really know what your most controversial pieces are going to be before you write them. I figured an exploration of what it feels like to have your account hacked in a game would be a relatable topic for many who have suffered something similar. I thought asking about the security practices of the company in question would be fair game when discussing the launch of a hugely popular, best selling title.

According to most, I was wrong. I can’t even repeat some of the names I’ve been called for daring to suggest that perhaps Blizzard needs to look at some of their security practices based on how easy it is to get hacked. The idea that the hacking was anyone’s fault but mine, my friend’s or the thousands of others who have been compromised is unheard of, and it’s “disgraceful” for Forbes to run a piece suggesting otherwise.

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