Hey Linux, Mac and Windows users: It's ALL vulnerable
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Intrusion Detection Whenever we write about an exploitable flaw in Windows, the Apple and Linux crowds love to kick Microsoft in the shins. Microsoft users are now getting into the game as Macs become a bigger target. We should knock it off, because in the final analysis it's ALL vulnerable. I'm thinking about this stuff because of comments I recently got in a post about smartphone flaws. In it, Marc Maiffret, co-founder of eEye and now -- through acquisition -- CTO of BeyondTrust, ran attendees of ISSA-LA's Security Summit IV through the modern-day risks of mobile phone use. He noted how Linux is running beneath the shiny apps and interfaces of just about every smart phone and how, therefore, every vulnerability found in Linux has direct implications for the "computers in our pockets."

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