The 10 worst Web application-logic flaws that hackers love to abuse
Source: Network World - Posted by Alex   
Latest News Hackers are always hunting to find business-logic flaws, especially on the Web, in order to exploit weaknesses in online ordering and other processes. NT OBJECTives, which validates Web application security, says these are the top 10 business-logic flaws they see all the time. 1. Authentication flags and privilege escalation

Since applications have their own access-control lists and privileges, if the implementation of the authorization is weak, it opens up vulnerabilities that can be exploited, such as accessing another's content or becoming a higher-level user with greater permissions. What's needed is identifying parameter names that have something to do with ACL/permission that could become a target, and the tester can use fuzzing tools to try and change bit patterns or permission flags, which may show the point at which exploitation, escalating privileges or bypassing authentication can be achieved by an attacker.

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