Anonymous targets UK Government sites with DDoS - Update
Source: H Security - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Network Security The hacktivist collective Anonymous are staging a distributed denial of service attack on the UK Government's Home Office, the Prime Minister's Number 10 and the Ministry of Justice web sites. The attacks began on the evening of Saturday 7 April and were claimed as the work of Anonymous in three tweets (1, 2, 3) by @YourAnonNews, the first of which read "TANGO DOWN - (via @AnonymouSpoon) For your draconian surveillance proposals! Told you to #ExpectUs! #ANONYMOUS #AnonUK". The proposals in question are a set of monitoring proposals which would require ISPs in the UK to not only record information on all internet connections, phone calls, text and emails, made by UK users but also allow the authorities acess, without warrant, to real-time feeds of that information. UK newspapers were briefed on the plan by government sources at the start of April. The proposals are expected to be part of a bill due to be included in the Queen's Speech this month; the UK government has been defending its plans, despite having criticised the previous administration for proposing similar legislation.

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