A Hacker Charms and Disappoints
Source: NY Times Blog - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Intrusion Detection Skilled, profane and bombastic, the hacker who called himself Sabu had loyalists and critics. He also had admirers who marveled at his antics from afar, even as they disdained his tactics. That admiration helped explain the attraction of the Anonymous movement that Sabu came to represent. Nadim Kobeissi, a college student, security software developer and self-described activist in defense of free speech on the Internet, was among his admirers. He did not know the offline identity of Sabu, who last week authorities revealed to be Hector Xavier Monsegur, a 28-year-old resident of the Lower East Side. Court papers identified him as an informant in a federal indictment against a group of hackers aligned with Anonymous.

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