How to Catch an Internet Cyber Thief
Source: PC World - Posted by Alex   
Network Security They're out there, says security researchers: the Chinese hackers attempting to break into U.S. enterprises, and jihadist terrorists that brazenly post videos of sniper killings, while stealing credit-cards to launder money for funding nefarious campaigns in Mideast or Caucasus hot spots. It's just a matter of finding them, and Dell SecureWorks researcher Joe Stewart described at the RSA Conference this week how he caught one by laboriously collecting information related to a Chinese hacker. He's calling the incident the "Sin Digoo Affair" after the misspelling of San Diego in Internet domain registrations under the fake name of "Tawnya Grilth" that he saw over and over again, which was but one clue, including many others such as malware signatures, he followed in his quest to track down an attacker based on a case of industrial espionage and botnets.

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