How to sneak into a security conference
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hacks/Cracks But this does not seem to be an obstacle for my anonymous source, whom I met on the first day of the conference. A risk management and physical security expert, he is in the business of "pen-testing humans" via social engineering, he said, and he also has an expertise in event security. I met him while I was covering the event, and he agreed to give me details of how he snuck into RSA in a matter of minutes without any credentials—and then went back and got credentials under a fake name to boot. My source was in the area attending the nearby B-Sides security event, and he had a B-Sides staff badge because he was working during some of that conference. Although he had not registered for RSA, he decided to wander over and see what was going on.

"I walked in, walked around, cased the place for a few minutes," he explained to me. "I saw where all the entry points were located and where the security guards where standing."

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