Your address book is mine: Many iPhone apps take your data
Source: VentureBeat - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Privacy Last week, Path iPhone app users were surprised (and quite disgruntled) to learn that the innards of their address books contacts email addresses and phone numbers had been uploaded to and stored on Paths servers. After a public outcry, Path immediately amended its practice to request user permission, and deleted its records. But the larger issue of how iOS application makers access, transmit, and store address book data from iOS devices is one that refuses to be swept under the rug. And rightfully so. This is your address book were talking about, arguably the most private of all entities. Its the digital repository of the personal and professional relationships youve amassed in your lifetime, and a simple click of a button could expose those relationships to strangers with malicious intents. Also, as many have pointed out, much of the data in your address book belongs to other people (their cell phone numbers, for instance), and has been entrusted to you with the understanding that you will keep it private.

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