Passwords Suck: Learn About and Use Multi-Factor Authentication
Source: Smart Data Collective - Posted by Alex   
Security Projects They are long, hard to remember (even if you have easier-to-remember phrases), moreso when new, and are largely a difficulty for users to user properly. Combined with the fact that many users choose easy-to-guess or easy-to-ascertain passwords based off of commonly-known facts about themselves and that they will try all of their passwords when told one isn’t working…the list goes on. Passwords are essential to our daily lives because they provide a facet of authentication security — the ability to confirm that you are who you say you are, because you know something someone else does not. In security circles, this type of password authentication is known as “something you know.” In authentication security experts have long pointed out that just having “something you know” is not good enough. Three key facets are required for good authentication:
  • Something you know
  • Somewhere you are
  • Something you have

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