The Pirate Bayís Peter Sunde: Itís Evolution, Stupid
Source: ThreatPost - Posted by Alex   
Security Projects In the case of The Pirate Bay, itís been particularly obvious. My fellow co-founders ó Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm ó and I were convicted in 2009 of contributory copyright infringement. Last week the Supreme Court of Sweden refused to hear our appeal. We each face between four months and one year in prison. My sentence was eight months. Of course I would have preferred to win in the Supreme Court as personal vindication and to vacate my sentence. But beyond that, the Court has squandered a golden opportunity to define how to interpret the European Union directives for digital information. That decision not to decide has prompted many legal experts in Sweden to question the motives of denying the appeal. But the questionable decisions started long before that.

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