Wanted: Ethical hackers
Source: Business Standard - Posted by Alex   
Security Projects Recently, the website of Ankit Fadia, a well-known ethical hacker, was hacked by another group that goes by the name Team Grey Hat (TGH). The “hactivist” group entered Ankit Fadia’s official site and exposed his credentials, including sensitive data, student details, database credentials (like name, user name & password). In a blog message, TGH also rubbished Fadia as a hacker and his courses.

Industry watchers, however, claim that the small (but growing community) of ethical hackers in India usually do not parade their skills against each other. “This incident of hacking into Fadia’s website is more out of the need to rubbish someone’s claims and not to show off skills against one another,” points a security expert, who do not wish to be identified.

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