Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: Cloud Computing, Security, Big Data
Source: eWeek - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Latest News A recent Linux Foundation survey shows that open-source technology is poised for continued growth among new and existing users for a variety of reasons, including lower total cost of ownership, technical features and security. The survey, released in January, is entitled “Linux Adoption Trends 2012: A Survey of Enterprise End Users,” and is co-written by the Linux Foundation and the Yeoman Technology Group. The survey shows that affinity among new and veteran Linux users continues to increase at the expense of Windows and Unix. Of the businesses surveyed, 84 percent of the IT shops currently deploying Linux have expanded its usage during the last 12 months, and continue to rely on it as their preferred platform for “greenfield” deployments, as well as for mission-critical applications. According to the Linux Foundation, part of this growth is due to Linux’s role in two of today’s biggest IT trends: supporting the increasing level of “big data” and achieving productivity and security gains with virtualization and cloud computing. Enterprise Linux users show steady progress on all of these fronts and a clear preference for Linux as the foundation for these trends.

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