Windows 8 Secure Boot - or How Microsoft Is Riling Up the Linux Masses
Source: Linux Insider - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Security Projects "The trusting (ironic this is all about Trusted Computing) side of me wants to believe this is just a spec from Microsoft to ensure their OS runs correctly on hardware platforms," said Slashdot blogger yagu. "But history, track record, and all evidence to Microsoft's tactics since forever make me nervous... "I'm quite convinced (my opinion) Microsoft's motives remain the same as always." What a difference a week makes.

It was just the other day that Linux bloggers were celebrating the news from researcher Net Applications that desktop Linux had surged in popularity in recent months.

Now, the mood in the blogosphere has plummeted once again as a result of the latest developments on the Windows 8 front. Secure Boot, that is -- a topic astute readers may remember from last fall but that lately seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

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