2011: A year of hack!
Source: CIOL - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Network Security Dubbed as ‘The Year of hack’, 2011 was marked by change, challenge, and chaos in information security history. With threats evolving in their sophistication, pervasiveness and frequency, the profile of a hacker also underwent a transformation owing to increasing rise in cyber crime that were designed to go under the radar and steal sensitive data from individuals, businesses and governments. Here is a summery and notable highlights of 2011 from the information security landscape:

Hacktivism: A portmanteau of hacking and activism, ‘Hacktivism’ refers to using the skills of hacking to achieve an activist’s goal. 2011 saw a rising tide of hacktivism among people who wanted their voices to be heard or who wished to attack the reputations of businesses and other organisations. In addition to defacement (the primary activity of hacktivists) and distributed denial of service, these attackers utilised social media for newer Sophisticated attacks.

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