Best Ways To Detect Advanced Threats Once They Invade
Source: Dark Reading - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Intrusion Detection Significant attacks against major technology companies have underscored that, while good defenses can make it hard for an attacker to penetrate a network, a persistent attacker will find a way in. The list of attacks that have resulted in leaked corporate data grew longer this year: security firm RSA, marketing firm Epsilon, entertainment giant Sony, and others acknowledged breaches in 2011. Little wonder, then, that while defense-in-depth has long been a mantra of the security industry, vendors and consultants are now more strident about recommending that companies look to shore up their abilities to detect attacks that have succeeded.

"When all else fails and there is some chance of the attacker getting in, the question becomes, how are we going to detect them?" says Bret Hartman, chief technology officer for RSA and an EMC fellow.

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