Sloppy use of Amazon cloud can expose users to hacking
Source: InfoWorld - Posted by Alex   
Server Security Using Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) can pose a security threat to organizations and individuals alike, though Amazon's not to blame, according to researchers from Eurecom, Northeastern University, and SecludIT. Rather, third parties evidently are not following best security practices when using preconfigured virtual machine images available in Amazon's public catalog, leaving users and providers open to such risks as unauthorized access, malware infections, and data loss.

The researchers say similar security vulnerabilities may be present in other public clouds from such providers as Rackspace, IBM, Joyent, and Terremark. The underlying message is that for all the power and opportunity of public clouds, providers and users alike need to approach with caution and embrace best security practices. Cloud infrastructure providers can't be expected to assess the security of every image, bit, and transaction that occurs on their machines any more than an apartment landlord can be responsible for everything that happens within his or her complex -- that is, what tenants do behind closed doors in the spaces they rent.

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