Linux Security Week: November 7th, 2011
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Linux Security Week Thank you for reading the weekly security newsletter. The purpose of this document is to provide our readers with a quick summary of each week's most relevant Linux security headlines. Feature Extras:

Demystifying the Chinese Hacking Industry: Earning 6 Million a Night - An Interview with a Member of the Chown Group (COG) about the billion dollar hacking business in China

Free Online security course (LearnSIA) - A Call for Help - The Survivability and Information Assurance (SIA) course was originally developed by a team at Carnegie Mellon, led by Lawrence Rogers ( Back in 2010, I requested a license to continue the development of the course because it provides useful information on Information Assurance. Also, this course will always be freely available for anyone to use in the classroom or self-study. There are three parts to the LearnSIA curriculum.

  3 Steps To Make Your Database More Secure (Oct 31)

Sound IT risk management is all about identifying critical data assets and giving them the most protection. The more critical an asset, the more defenses should be around it. Unfortunately, when it comes to databases, most companies get that formula backward.

  Anonymous retreats from Mexico drug cartel confrontation (Nov 4)

Threats to begin unmasking members of Zetas reined back as cartel rumoured to be hiring own security specialists for physical retaliation as others question whether Anonymous member was ever kidnapped in Veracruz

  Want to avoid all private-data breaches, ever? Here's how (Nov 3)

As information and privacy commissioner of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian's jurisdiction is limited to the Canadian province. But that doesn't mean the effects of her post don't extend into territories across the globe.

  Hackers go after Facebook sites 600,000 times every day (Nov 1)

Hackers are breaking into hundreds of thousands of Facebook accounts every day, the social network has admitted. Out of more than a billion logins to the website every 24 hours, 600,000 are impostors attempting to access users' messages, photos and other personal information Facebook said.

  Leading PC makers confirm: no Windows 8 plot to lock out Linux (Nov 2)

The drumbeat from Linux advocates about a key security feature in Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 is getting louder. They call it an anti-Linux plot. But the two leading PC makers disagree with them. I've got exclusive details.

  Open-sourcers suggest Linux secure boot block workarounds (Nov 2)

The Linux Foundation has published a how-to guide for PC makers on implementing UEFI's Secure Boot functionality without preventing the post-sale installation of Linux on Windows 8 machines.

  Lazy hackers port ancient Linux Trojan to Mac OS X (Nov 2)

Hackers are testing new Mac malware that they've ported from a nine-year-old Trojan horse originally written for Linux, according to security experts.

  Thousands of WordPress blogs hijacked to deploy malicious code (Nov 3)

Anti-virus firm Avast reportsPDF that criminals are exploiting a critical hole in the TimThumb WordPress add-on to deploy malicious code on a large scale. Avast says that it blocked more than 2,500 infected sites in September and anticipates a similar number in October.

  RSA Hackers Possibly Attacked more than 700 Additional Companies using Identical Malware (Nov 2)

According to Brian Krebs, security 'analyst and writer' who recently published a report, the malicious program utilized for breaching RSA Security previously during 2011, possibly has been utilized within assaults aimed at over 700 other companies, published EWeek dated October 24, 2011.

  Hackers Press the 'Schmooze' Button (Oct 31)

As banks and other large companies spend large amounts of money on building firewalls and using complex technology to fortify their systems, it is often their own employees who are letting identity thieves in the door.

  The right to dual-boot: Linux groups plead case prior to Windows 8 launch (Oct 31)

Red Hat, Canonical and the Linux Foundation have laid out a set of recommendations for hardware vendors in hopes of preserving the ability to install Linux on Windows 8 machines. Windows 8 machines should ship in a setup mode giving users more control right off the bat, the groups argue.

  Unmasking the criminal hacker (Oct 31)

Identifying criminal hackers is no easy task even for the most gifted white hats. And, while we can't readily match a name or names to specific criminal compromises, there are things we can know about those behind the masks.

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