Wi-Fi users not as safe as they think, survey says
Source: CNET - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Wireless Security Among Wi-Fi users, there's a big gap between knowing about Wi-Fi security and keeping their network and devices secure, as revealed by the Wi-Fi Security Barometer Survey results that the Wi-Fi Alliance announced today. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the survey, conducted by Wakefield Research in August, randomly asked 1,000 participants age 18 or older around the country about their knowledge of Wi-Fi security. Around 97 percent of the interviewees said they thought that data on their devices and networks was "safe and secure." However, when asked which of several recommended steps they have actually taken to protect their Wi-Fi networks or devices, respondents received an overall score of just 66 percent. This means that in practice, users were actually not as safe as they could be.

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