What is a hacker?
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Security The definition for the term hacker is as elusive as those who earn the moniker. Find out from the accepted source what a hacker really is. If you don’t know exactly what a hacker is, join the club. Many people don’t understand the term or its true implications. The meaning has changed a bit over the years and through the evolution of the Internet. In the most familiar sense, a hacker is anyone who attempts to break into computer systems by surreptitious means. But, as you’ll see, there’s more to being a hacker than simply trying to steal a password or break into someone’s Facebook account.

There are hackers who work for large companies whose purpose is to protect the companies for whom they work. There are hackers who hack for the pure pleasure of hacking. There are hacktivists who hack to protest corporate or political policy. There are hackers who get paid to hack accounts, passwords, CAPTCHA and other lucrative targets. And, there are those hackers who just want to exploit, embarrass and expose. They’re all hackers.

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