If you think you haven't been hacked this month, think again If you think you haven't been hacked th
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Server Security Iím assuming the majority of people are sitting smugly reading this thinking Ďof course I havenít!í. You do everything youíre supposed to do, right? Youíve installed a firewall, youíve got some anti-virus software, you never follow links in emails or open attachments from someone you donít know or trust. Well, thatís all very commendable but unfortunately it isnít you thatís been hacked. Itís your information stored by the companies you trust thatís been compromised.

Since the start of this year, globally, there have been 365 data loss incidents involving 126,727, 474 records. According to research by analyst house, Juniper Research, 90% of organisations have suffered data breaches in one form or another over the past 12 months. Testament to this is the number of household brands that have inadvertently divulged the information of hundreds of individuals:

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