Firms still lack faith in cloud security for their data
Source: The Inquirer - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Network Security BLACK BOX CLOUD DEPLOYMENTS are being shunned by firms looking to backup data due to security concerns. Cloud deployments, which have gained popularity in the past five years through the promise of accessing seemingly unlimited resources conjured up out of thin air, are being shunned for use as redundant storage due to fears about data security. Talking to The INQUIRER, Bob Roudebush, VP of marketing at Neverfail, said that "worries of having data in other datacentres is why cloud adoption is not higher, even for disaster recovery".

In recent months there have been several data breaches on cloud deployed services and Neverfail, which works with firms to harden operations against failure, said that customers are still wary of clouds. Roudebush said "the cloud sounds ideal for disaster recovery" but that one of the big issues with backing up data is to "ensure the security of data in more than one location".

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