Hacker Liability: How at Risk is Your Company?
Source: Fox Business - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Security From MasterCard and Twitter to TJMaxx and Sony, companies of all sizes are under attack from hackers. The threat of these attacks has escalated to such a degree that many cybersecurity professionals will admit it is almost impossible to prevent them 100% of the time. According to Verizonís 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report, small to medium-sized businesses have become hackersí main targets. Organized crime views such companies as high-reward and low-risk targets, and with automated means for stealing data, they can steal as much (or more) data as from larger organizations.

These attacks are often costly and can cause significant financial stress for small and medium companies. In Symantecís 2010 SMB Information Protection Survey, companies reported that the average annual cost of cyber attacks for small and medium organizations was $188,242.

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