'Wardriving' Hackers Cracked Wi-Fi Networks From Black Mercedes
Source: SecurityNewsDaily - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Wireless Security Seattle police are investigating a criminal ring they believe used a specially outfitted Mercedes to hack into the Wi-Fi networks of area businesses, a practice called "wardriving." After police arrested Joshua Witt and Brad Lowe in January for nine burglaries, alleging they stole $750,000 worth of computer servers in a 10-month period, authorities began looking into their criminal past, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

Authorities said a black Mercedes was the lynchpin in their cybercrime spree, which dates back to May 2006.

The accused pair are suspected of using the 1988 sedan as a hacking lab on wheels; when they seized it, police found a laptop with a mount enabling it to be used while driving, tools to create networks and a long-range antenna, all shielded behind the car's darkly tinted windows.

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