8 Security Tips from the HBGary Hack
Source: PC World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Server Security Thanks to Ars Technica and H-online.com, we now have intimate details of the Anonymous attack against security research company HBGary. There are no surprises in how the attacks where carried out, but we can draw many morals from the story, even if we've heard them time and time before. Here's an executive summary of how the attack was carried out, and how you can defend against the same things happening to your systems.

1. Use Off-the-Shelf Software

HBGary Federal's Website ran a content management system (CMS) that was created especially for the company. There's a debate to be had as to whether off-the-shelf software is more secure that custom-made solutions.

On the one hand, exploits for off-the-shelf solutions are often published far and wide and, in the case of a zero-day exploit, can leave system administrators rushing to fix their systems as quickly as possible.

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