How to secure Web applications from insecure mobile devices
Source: Network World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Server Security According to the RSA 2011 Cybercrime Trends Report, the number one trend this year will be mobile device malware and the associated exploitation of mobile smart devices to commit fraud. The explosive growth of mobile smart devices as general purpose on the go computers has made them an attractive target for cybercriminals to exploit. Unfortunately, it is not just consumers and their banks that must consider the risks of mobile device malware; the consumerization of IT has laid the bridge for the crossover of consumer technology into the enterprise.

As with all cybercrimes, or crimes in general, its a matter of opportunity. With the explosion of smart devices used to conduct business today, cybercriminals currently have a window of opportunity to exploit a variety of mobile platforms. Unfortunately for the enterprises that conduct business through the cloud, they must now support more devices than ever before. In effect they are finding that they must extend their corporate firewalls and services to places they may not be prepared for. This proliferation in use of mobile devices has the potential of opening up a backdoor for specifically engineered malware to make its way onto the corporate network.

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