Clam or Klam? Either Way, It's Easy Linux Protection
Source: Tech News World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Host Security Though you're probably less likely to find yourself riddled with malware if you're running Linux rather than Windows, that doesn't mean security software should be ignored entirely. ClamTK -- or KlamAV, depending on which environment you use -- gives your Linux PC an antimalware guard dog that goes beyond the old "security by obscurity" strategy. Have you run a virus scan lately? Nope? Don't need to, you say. That's because you run a Linux OS.

Think again. To quote the title line of Bob Dylan's third studio album, "the times they are a-changin.'"

Yes they are. And part of that change is the greater risk of malware attacks to the Linux operating system. It used to be that Linux was so iron-clad safe security-wise that virus intrusions did not exist.

Used-to-be has now given way to possibly maybe. The rallying cry among security experts in the past was simply that using a Linux OS -- or Mac OS X -- gave your built-in security by obscurity.

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