Hackers set sights on small businesses, households
Source: Issaquah Reporter - Posted by Alex   
Latest News Over the past 20 years, in small cities and communities across America, the average daily police record of reported crimes and complaints would hold a familiar, and fairly uniform, list of events - a drunk and disorderly, car prowling, garage break ins, and vandalism would usually fill the police blotters of places like Issaquah and Sammamish. In recent times, however, a new form of criminal activity is working its way into our communities, less personal, but perhaps even more invasive - credit card frauds, computer hacking, and identity theft. They call it white collar crime, but it makes no such discrimination, targeting both business owners and consumers, homeowners, students, the elderly.

Though big business was originally the target of hackers, who by using sophisticated programming applications gain access to banking accounts and security systems, now it is small businesses and regular households.

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