Black Hat to keep quiet about planned controversial talks
Source: Tech World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Latest News The organisers of the Black Hat conference series may withhold details of selected talks at future events to avoid pressure from outside groups to cancel them. In a conversation with Computerworld this week, Black Hat founder Jeff Moss said that going forward, conference organizers will work to determine which scheduled talks are likely to run into problems. Those found in danger of cancellation won't be announced "until the last possible moment," Moss said. "You'll just come to the show and find out [the final schedule] onsite.

"The idea is: How do we get the talks out without giving people months to try and influence or pressure researchers or their employers" into canceling a presentation? Moss said.

The issue bubbled to the surface after a scheduled talk on China's ability to launch cyberattacks was canceled days before the start of this week's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas due to of pressure from government agencies in Taiwan and China.

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