Hackers use Chinese IPs to launch attacks
Source: Asia One - Posted by Alex   
Latest News Although cyber attacks have been frequently reported across the mainland, China is not home to a vast web of malicious hackers, as many attacks here originate from countries overseas, according to analysts. "It is very complicated to locate an original attack", said a participant at the 9th Xcon conference, an annual gathering of senior cyber security analysts in Beijing.

Internet security threats are on the rise and public awareness of hacking has increased.

In 2009, for example, 75 percent of global companies experienced severe cyber attacks totaling individual losses of at least $2 million, according to Symantec's 2010 report.

Complicating matters for the Chinese government, there have been fervent claims by websites and search engines worldwide - from Google to Optus to the official website of the Republic of Korea - that they have been victimized by Chinese attackers.

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