Torrent legality study 'horribly wrong', says TorrentFreak
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Latest News Global BitTorrent news source TorrentFreak has ridiculed the veracity of a University of Ballarat study on the legality of BitTorrent usage, labelling some of its claims "horribly wrong" and saying that "mistake after mistake" was made during its preparation. In the report, the university's Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) claimed that 89 percent of BitTorrent files it studied during a certain period using the search engine were confirmed to infringe copyright. The research was publicised to the press last week by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft as a victory in its ongoing war against file-sharing.

But TorrentFreak, a well-known source of BitTorrent news with 190,000 RSS followers, said in its own analysis of the report that the "conclusions are drawn based on painfully inaccurate data and methodologies".

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