Reliance on passwords is biggest security threat, says hacking expert
Source: Computer Weekly - Posted by Alex   
Latest News Passwords are fundamentally insecure and represent the biggest security threat facing organisations, says Jason Hart, senior vice-president for Europe at security firm Cryptocard. Hart, a former ethical hacker, is able to demonstrate how easily available software can be used by hackers to capture every username and password of any user on a network.

Hackers are able to view the username and password victims type in to access e-mail systems, business systems and cloud services, even those using a secure internet protocol (https) or encryption.

It is impossible to protect anything that connects with the internet through any means against this kind of attack at the protocol level, he said.

Hart also showed how Google search can be used to find the administrator's password for the database of a cloud-based service or back-ups that contain usernames and passwords.

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