Blocked: How Yahoo shut us down ó and why it could happen to you
Source: VentureBeat - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Latest News Iíll skip ahead to the moral of this story: donít be a victim of hacking. If you are, your domain or e-mail provider might crush you. Particularly if itís Yahoo. For 10 days Yahoo has shut down my business, Media Predict, which is a fantasy market game for TV shows and movies. Nor will Yahoo let me access my personal e-mail and business e-mail. Hereís how it happened.

Three years ago I started using Yahoo Small Business to host my domain and my personal and business email. The products were lousy, but I always had higher priorities than switching. After all, I was growing a new research company. We launched and got great press (here, here). Our clients included Showtime, A&E, Meredith, and more.

Jump to last week, when I learned that a hacker broke into a portion of our site. We were puzzled because the site, driven by partner company Inkling, has always been iron-clad. But apparently a weakness in an old install of WordPress, which we use only for our blog, allowed the jerk to set up a phishing scam under my domain.

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