Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo Tells Us the AT&T iPad Email Leak is Overblown
Source: Daily Tech - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Latest News Ex-hacker and alleged "war crimes collaborator" Adrian Lamo has garnered a great deal of attention lately from his role in outing Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning, a young U.S. Military official who was leaking sensitive documents, including some which Lamo believed endangered national security. We conducted an extensive interview with Lamo in which he carefully detailed his motives in the Manning case. Since that interview we've kept in close touch with Lamo and were interested when he contacted concerning the recent harvest of iPad 3G emails/ICC-IDs by security analysts at Goatse Security. As Lamo is much more qualified to analyze such security issues than us (our staff certainly hasn't conducted exploits as epic as Lamo's, nor do we have enough time to devote to properly reading security mailing lists), we contacted him promptly for an interview.

We started by asking if he knew whether Goatse Security shared the exploit with any malicious parties pre-patching or whether they shared the emails (a key question in determining their guilt or innocence). Lamo replied that he had not heard of them doing that, stating, "I haven't seen any, though to be fair, I was fairly busy during all times relevant."

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